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Rynel Clifton Pharma Pvt. Ltd.

Pharmaceutical Eye Drops

We manufacture, export and supply a wide range of Pharmaceutical Eye Drops that comprises of Clif-Cool Eye Drops, Colors Eye Drops,, Flucort Plus Eye Drops, Fluryn Eye Drops, Ketti Eye Drops, Ketti Plus Eye Drops, Ketti-D Eye Drops, Ketti-LS Eye Drops, Ofryn-D Eye Drops, Petadine Eye Drops and Relaxx Liquigel Eye Drops. These Pharmaceutical Eye Drops are highly recommended and are known to provide instant relief from various eye problems. For more details please click on the links given below


  • Lubricating Eye Drops

    Lubricating Eye Drops

    Form : Liquid

    Composition : Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose 1%, Stabilised oxychlorocomplx (as preservative)

    Category : Lubricating eye drops

    Uses : Complete protection and safety for dry and irritated eyes.

    Pack Size : 10 ml

  • Antibiotic Eye Drops

    Antibiotic Eye Drops

    Composition : Tobramycin 0.3%.

    Category : Antibiotic eye/ear drops with Umbrella cover to more pathogens.

    Presentation : White colored double lock 5ml. vial in an attractive outer carton.

  • Steroids and Antibiotic Steroid Combinations

    Steroids and Antibiotic Steroid Combinations

    Grade Standard : Medicine Grade

    Shelf Life : 24 months

    Packing Material : Packed in Plastic Bottles

    Form : Liquid

    Medicine Type : Allopathic

  • Non-steroid Anti Inflammatory Drops

    Non-steroid Anti Inflammatory Drops

    Bottle material : Plastic

    Composition : KETTI-LS(ketorolac 0.4%), KETTI(ketorolac 0.5%), KETTI-D(Ketorolac 0.5%, dexamethasone 0.01%), KETTI-PLUS (ketorolac 0.5%,cpm.02%, Phenyepherine0.12%,hpmc0.25%)

    Category : Non-steroidal ant-inflammatory drops and combinations

    Uses : Useful in allergic and inflammatory conditions

    Pack Size : 5ml, 10ml

  • Anti-Allergics and Others

    Anti-Allergics and Others

    Type : Eye Drops

    Composition : N-acetylcarnosine 1%,Sodium carboxymethylcellulose 0.3%, Glycerin 1%, Boric acid 0.1%

    Category : Antioxidant (first in eye drops), Anti-cataract, Lubricating eye drop

    Uses : Excellent response in cataract, severe dry eye, corneal diseases. Stops progression of disease.

    Pack Size : 10 ml

  • Dilators Eye Drops

    Dilators Eye Drops

    Grade Standard : Medicine Grade

    Shelf Life : 24 months

    Packing Material : Packed in Plastic Bottles

    Form : Liquid

    Storage : Cool & Dry Place